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  • Habitat grants mean millions for north valley projects

    A new round of state and federal environmental grants have been released recently, and a number of area projects have been among those funded to the tune of millions of dollars.Several of the state grants are aimed at assisting rare fish species in local streams, but a mix of state and federal funds are also going to upgrade bird habitat on a ranch in Honcut.

  • Chico City Council to go over development fees

    Chico >> Development impact fees look to increase by about $5,696.85 per single family home and $5,538.27 per multi-family unit. The City Council should be making some decisions about a few fees Tuesday - urbanization, street facilities and sewer, which will send the project into the final stages of approval.

  • Chico group gifts professional portraits to the homeless

    Chico >> A Chico organization Saturday transformed a room in the Jesus Center on Park Avenue into a photography studio, taking professional portraits of the area's homeless and low-income population and printing and gifting the pictures on site.The organization,