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  • Looking Up: Even the sun has a life cycle

    One trick I sometimes hear on a dark night full of stars is a little voice asking, "Mommy, what star is closest to us?"This is where just a little bit of education can get you into trouble. Without thinking much about it, you might answer with the pride of knowledge, "Why, that would be Alpha Centauri, a little over four light-years (that's 25 trillion miles) from us.

  • Chico Unified accepting pre-enrollment for new online school

    Chico >> Chico Unified School District is preparing to launch its new online school, Oak Bridge Academy.The program, which is scheduled to open for the 2018-2019 school year, will offer online curriculum for students grades 6-12 and provide support through a resource center, run by district teachers, located in the Chico Mall.

  • Court of Appeal hears arguments at Las Plumas High School

    Oroville >> The Las Plumas High gym almost looked like a scene from "Law & Order" Wednesday morning as attorneys passionately made their cases before a panel of judges.After directions from a bailiff and the strike of a gavel, the school's gym became a courtroom where attorneys argued before the justices of the 3rd District of the State Court of Appeal.